Emergency Information for TRG
and Rescue Organisations

Some of our aircraft are fitted with rocket powered rescue parachute systems.

They are dangerous in an accident situation !!

Important information for rescue personel.

Some of the aircraft we sell in Australia, New Zealand and the USA are fitted with ballistic parachute systems, these are parachutes which are fired with a rocket charge and are normally fitted to light sport aircraft.

They are as dangerous as a military rocket and should be treated with extreme caution by rescue organisations.

Rather than firing a bullet or missile with the rocket our system will pull a parachute from the aircraft in an emergency when deployed by the pilot and the plane and crew descend under the parachute.

Normally the explosive is very safe but in the event of an accident certain precautions must be observed.

For bomb disposal crews the explosive and quantity are...

Solid powder filling-smokeless powder LOVEX D250

Unit explosive mass around 0,325 kg

Download the Product Safety Sheet CLICK HERE

For removal from the aircraft in the field it is recommended the TRG or Bomb Squad be called in.

For other emergency personnel who need to handle the device in an extraction please cut away all cords and cables from the unit, do not pull on the firing cable (the firing cable is black, around 6 mm diameter and usually has a red handle in the end), cut off the firing cable close to the parachute or rocket body, remove the unit from the wreckage and take at least 30 meters (100 feet) away from personnel and leave for later detonation.

More information in an emergency can be sourced from

Michael Coates Mobile 0418 168 665 Office 07 5568 7770 Home 07 5575 9991

Phil Allen 0417 040 052

These numbers are in Australia, if your ringing internationally drop the 0 and add your international access dialling code then the Australian country code of 61 e.g. +61 418 168 665